Stone walls

All Stone Masonry can build entrance that will add value to your property”

There are few features that add more attractiveness value to your property then  a entrance built from natural stone. Stone entrances not only look great but they are also maintenance-free and highly durable. The appearance of stone is usually enhanced by the passage of time, as opposed to deteriorating as a painted or plastered entrance would do.
There are many different styles of stone entrances to choose from and we will take the time to go through each option with you. Take a look at the selection of stone entrances shown below for inspiration or design your own. A stone entrance usually consists of at least two piers (pillars) and adjoining stone entrance walls. This can be finished off with cap stones and coping to create a striking entrance to your home. Each of these features take many forms and we will be happy to discuss the combination that works best for you.
We can build a stone entrance or stone entrance pillars from scratch or we can face an existing entrance in stone. Additionally, we are also able to make repairs to existing stone entrances and piers if they have fallen into disrepair. Stone entrances can be built to work in conjunction with conventional and electric gates, and of course all we can build boundary walls garden walls or any kinda wall you like check out our portfolio for some more ideas


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